State Adopted!

The California Department of Education has adopted Longman Keystone for Reading Intervention (Program 4) and Reading Intervention for English Learners (Program 5) for grades 4-8.

Vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of students' future academic success across the curriculum. Longman Cornerstone and Longman Keystone provide explicit instruction in academic vocabulary throughout all levels of the series.

Content-rich readings from across the curriculum paired with modeled learning strategies equip students with the tools they need to achieve academic success as they transition to mainstream classrooms.

A well-organized, yet easy-to-use roadmap of skills is essential to helping your students achieve success. The step-by-step lesson plan and built-in strategies for differentiated instruction ensures that every learner gets the support he or she needs to achieve long term academic success.


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Teaching Tip

Solidified Compound Nouns

Just like solidified compound adjectives, solidified compound nouns developed over time. What used to be two words, one describing the other (grasslands referring to land full of grass) slowly became one new word. Point out that most compounds are stressed on the first syllable. This often helps to distinguish a compound noun from noun phrase consisting of noun plus a verb or an adjective. Example: A black bird (stress on bird) could be any that happens to be black, wereas a blackbird (stress on black) is particular species of bird. Example of solid compound nouns are: wallpaper, lawsuit, and housewife.

From Longman
Keystone B, Teacher's Edition

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